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This album is a celebration of the last 12 years of advocating for the inclusive, uplifting power of music.

Ten tracks of time tested songs for use in the circle, car, and classroom.  Weaving community  through movement, rhythm,  joy and the power of singing along.

The album was sparked by a private donation and the love of a father, whose adult son came to the Tempo Gusto program I facilitated for 4 years at Cerebal Palsy Association of Alberta.

Your support goes a long way.

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I help to create a world where people feel included and welcomed to gather, free to express themselves in the circle.   Respect and honour given to the uniqueness of our voices and the journey to come into harmony.   We do this by creating safety, building trust and having fun together. 

We use the  gift of rhythm and participatory music to  re-generate and celebrate the inherent connections that exist between people.     Recognizing, each in  our own way,  are part of something greater.  Carried by a bigger song, we feel deeply moved and renewed to continue on as our best selves.   


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