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Hand Drums
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Celebrating Unity through our Diversity

        custom expressive events that create 

                            empowering uplifting connections


We have been operating in and around the Edmonton area since 2008.

Delivering our speciality of, developmentally appropriate,

exciting,  uplifting and interactive  events.

We  serve diverse populations such as  the newly born,  the dying, newcomers, youth at risk,  universities and organizational teambuilding.


We help to create a world
where people feel included and welcomed to gather and express themselves in the circle.   

We do this by creating safety, building trust and having fun.  The gift of being together, expressing ourselves in the rhythm and music serves to re-generate and celebrate the inherent connections that exist between people.      

Gathering in the spirit of  friendship and respect, we feel deeply moved as we r
ecognize each in  our own way, we  are part of something greater, carried by a bigger song.

  • early music & movement

  • youth work

  • school residencies 

  • inter-generational work

  • ESL

  • team building

  • music education classes

  • birthday parties​ & weddings

  • fundraisers

  • ​corporate events

  • ​healing & meditation

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