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What is it?

Laughter Yoga is a form of personal and social  exercise, which benefits the body, mind and spirit.  It pairs the practice of laughter exercises with deep yogic breathing.  













Why would I do this?

As soon as one begins to laugh,  an instantaneous positive shift begins to occur.   The entire body and cellular structure begins to become oxygenated.   A sense of playfulness, release and levity is invoked.

There is a positive shift in emotions, and outlook.   Laughter stimulates the (PSNS) parasympathetic nervous system “rest” and “digest” the complimentary of the (SNS) sympathetic nervous system fight or flight.

You get a chance to not take yourself so seriously, PLAY and be silly

Laughter yoga for me is based on two key



  1.  Your body does not recognize the difference between laughter  as excercise and laughter stimulated by humour.

  2.  Laughter is   C O N T A G I O U S

Solo Laughter Practice

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